How to make Vegan Milk

Vegan Milk





1/2 pack of Peanuts, Almonds or Cashews


Agave Sweetener

Cheese cloth or Strainer

2 pinches of salt

Prep time: 8- 12 hours


  1. Add a 1/2 bag of nuts into an empty container
  2. Add water until the nuts are completely covered
  3. Leave the nuts to soak overnight
  4. After the soaking time, throw out the water (do not use this water)
  5. Add strained nuts into a blender
  6. Cover the peanuts with 2 inches of water
  7. Add salt and agave nectar sweetener
  8. Blend (if the mixture is too thick add more water and blend again)
  9. Cover an empty bowl with cheese cloth or strainer
  10. Empty the content of the blender onto the cheese cloth or strainer
  11. Squeeze the milk from the blended nuts with your hand (cheese cloth) or a spoon (strainer)
  12. Empty the milk into a bottle for refrigeration
  13. Enjoy!



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