About me?

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My name is Tsai-Ann (Sigh…Ann) and I am a Trini UWI student that enjoys Vegan food( New vegan here), watching Unbreakable by Kimmy Schmidt and being more social online than I am in person *shrug*

I am 23 years young and blogging is something I was introduced to when I was around 15 years old but only enjoyed for about a year or two now.

This lifestyle blog created, is here to give you great reads about topics like The change of the beauty industry and how it affects us, to sharing a recipe for a vegan pizza on Pinterest that I tried or sharing the financial struggles I have, being a new vegan.

It’s diverse

It’s interesting

It’s a blog that you want to follow 😀

If you enjoy great reads while you have your morning coffee on your couch, this is the blog for you.


                                      Sincerely, Ann.






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